Aug 15 2014
Abarth Betrayal

I can't be the only one who's seen the new Abarth commercial. Now they're offering it in an automatic. Next thing

Jul 27 2014
Lambo Sunday

So I saw that at work yesterday. Nobody tells you how small these cars are in real life. Oh and forgive the raptor

Jun 11 2014
I saw an S14 today

I know to some it's no big deal but today on 290 and Hwy 6 i saw a white S14 silva with right hand drive! It looked

Jun 8 2014

This race was Hamilton's! Mercedes why? And what on earth is wrong with Felipe Massa? He just took out Perez for no

Jun 2 2014
Cross Posting

I have an important question and i need help from my fellow opponauts. How do you get an article or post, cross

May 28 2014
Active gauges

I can't get enough of this. Remember if your speedo goes from 0 to 60 almost as fast your tach, then you most

May 20 2014
Car Flip Advice

My weird evening starts out with me at home and an uncle visiting; we strike up a little conversation and a