crazedclay: SBC murderer
Sep 12 2016

I just acquired one of the first generation versions of these for my 18 month old. Has a really bent wheel arm so that needs some remediation, and I was thinking I’d pick up some of the Krylon Fusion plus a set of replacement stickers to make it fresh again. Did you have a source on fixing the wheels? Or just play it Read more

Sep 11 2016

Orginally I wanted different wheels, but the black wheels really work with the purple and black scheme. Plus I spent almost $100 on this project all told so I wanted to stop the financial bleeding.

Jan 19 2015

Well, first off, kindly fuck off and go back under your bridge troll. Second, it's honestly not the worst thing that could happen. It seriously won't be that bad.

Jan 16 2015

I'm trying to think of something intelligent to say by way of a reply to the fact-vacuum you just shat from your mouth. Read more