Jun 26

Hey, Madison, what does “increased competition” in healthcare mean, and how would that decrease costs? Does a simple supply/demand model apply to healthcare? Have you actually put any thought at all into this, other than “free healthcare BAD?”

Jun 22

Considering Mitch’s vow from the start to kill the impeachment process in the senate, I’m curious as to what strategy Bolton would have recommended the house democrats to employ?

Jun 20

Yeah, I posted this in error, and only realized my mistake after I left town and had no ability to post for a week. Oops!

Jun 11

Richmonders tore down the Lee statue a day after an asshole descendent of the initial asshole who funded the monument to the traitorous asshole was successful in filing an injunction to block its removal. Read more

Jun 11

That Jezebel keeps giving this lying white woman attention, now of all times, is profoundly disappointing. 

Jun 11

The author’s premise is that Reade’s credibility is being unfairly questioned because she is poor. I am submitting that this woman is not poor, and that she did not grow up in poverty. I think we should question her credibility because she is a habitual liar, and that she of all people should not be held up as some Read more

Jun 10

Good point. I still think this author failed to make a convincing case that Tara Reade came from “poverty” and THAT is why people question her credibility.

Jun 10

In at least one case it’s short for Anastasia. But in the case of the VPR lady and her love of “nazi chic,” the Stasi reference is appropriate!

Jun 10

It’s crazy how much everyone in LA looks alike in their IG pics. It only occurred to me that StassieBaby wasn’t Bravo Stassi because the latter is not 23 and probably has no black friends.

Jun 10

Having bits about two entirely different people named Stassie in this Dirt Bag confused TF out of me.

Jun 10

He is vile. I have no idea why the rest of the cast tiptoes around his malignant narcissism, or why Bravo is choosing to keep him and his equally shitty wife around. 

Jun 9

I just did the protective arm thing last week with 2 handles of vodka in the passenger seat. Precious cargo!