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The studios weren’t twitchy Read more

The showrunners. It’s the showrunners’ fault. Read more

I also really like how the bozos that are here defending these white dude from these “unfair” journalists who all asks the same question were the same bozos hating on Brie Larson talking about always getting the kind of interviews and wanting diversity in her interviewers. Read more

I think the best argument for King as a literary writer — as opposed to a popular novelist — is that his characters are pretty believable, especially early on. They are seldom young, attractive, or brilliant. If they’re kids, they’re believable kids, not miniature adults. They have issues. They may be fundamentally Read more

To be fair, that’s how I’ve always felt about the novel It — a bunch of scary, effective episodes adrift in a sea of underwhelming connective material. The last couple of hundred pages seem to go on forever. Read more

Dan Stevens will star alongside Judi Dench and Isla Fisher in Blithe Spirit, an upcoming genre comedy Read more

“If you thought that turn on Game of Thrones felt rushed, surprising, or like it came out of haven’t been paying attention.” Read more

Better some flavor of asian than no asian. That’s how low the bar is, and Hollywood still fucks it up. Read more

“In Chinese culture, appearance is often more important than reality” is a real dubious statement more loaded than calling it a “overgeneralisation” gives cover for. They like melodrama, and a lot of people like melodrama. It sells in all sorts of cultures—and we can easily splinter “Western” to more distinct parts. Read more

Well, to be fair, every global film culture did revolve around Hollywood, except Bollywood, until very recently. But there is a heavy, heavy bias obviously. Read more

A person used ROI (correctly) in a superhero comment who isn’t me! I am so happy. Seriously, its almost like people forget these films are business at times. Read more

yeah. that’s always been my thought. They like money. Their money has been made from their brand, which has largely meant “Family Friendly”. They are more than willing to change or add to that brand if it means $$$. Read more

This week on the Orville: a plot Star Trek did better 20 years ago, but we added a fart joke! Emmy please!
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Correction: Rhaegar was the son of Aerys II, the Mad King, and was Daenerys’ older brother. Viserys was the middle child and Dany the youngest. So Aemon/Jon is the grandson of the Mad King. Jon still has the stronger claim to the throne since the sons of an elder brother are ahead of the brother’s younger siblings. Read more

While I’m fine with UNIT going, for pretty much the reasons you state, I think dedicating part of an episode’s runtime to explaining it away was a waste. Doctor Who has a long history of ignoring continuity that doesn’t serve the story being told in the moment, and that would have been fine here - just never mention Read more

Oh, I see we’ve arrived at the “The Doctor currently playing the role is leaving, and so is the show runner” portion of the new Doctor’s tenure. Read more

Here’s one Yank who is not worried about that at all.  After all, we think we can do stories about the Blitz in WWII and understand the scale and scope of both the fear and the stoicism.  I’m pretty sure Ms. Blackman will have both empathy and knowledge well in hand.
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Yeah, it’s not even remotely possible, because sooner or later, you have to go film on location, and then the jig is up.
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Pardon my Klingon, but Gorram“name recognition with the general public” is pretty important. Read more