No, the one good thing about waist trainers was realizing my 9 year old has been listening to me when a commercial came on for them during Little House On The Prairie. Her exact quote was, “I bet there isn’t something like this for men.” Read more

Grew up hunting. Family ranch in south Texas, one of the first to actively manage whitetail deer as a herd starting in the 70s (thousands of pounds of formula-specific deer feed per week, curated oat fields, segregated populations, quota kills). The purpose of all of this was to engineer more bucks having bigger and Read more

Marty never had a chance.

“thank god Rory chose Yale” Read more

Brother, I have been publishing that piece in serial form for months. Read more

It does take a lot of guts. But then the trolls will say “they’re doing it for money/attention, and this is proof!” Sigh. As a survivor of sexual abuse/rape myself, it amazes me the kinds of mental gymnastics people will go through to discredit victims. Read more