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9:52 PM

Lovecraft is never going to adapt well to film or TV because so much of his work deals with things man can’t comprehend. Shapes and colors that don’t exist which is why they are mind bending. Creatures that appearances break your mind. By visualizing it in film you diminish its impact. Read more

10:21 PM

I have driven over a quarter million miles in my life (farther than the moon, cool!) but this is precisely why I don’t do audiobooks.

6:30 PM

The follow up to River of Teeth. It lacks some of the oomph of the first story so I’m not getting through it as fast I thought it would. Not bad, but not as good as I hoped.

5:03 PM

Sad to realize I missed this for all these years! Though now that I think about it I might have posted here once or twice 😄.

5:50 PM

If they’re under ten, I like to open with “So, what’s your favorite TV show?” Whatever they answer, I tell them I’ve never heard of it and ask them to tell me about it, at which point I can learn a bit more about the kid just by the language they use. Then I go into old fart mode (I’m 53) and tell them a little bit Read more

4:21 PM

Taking all that SUV size for granite. Drivers must have rocks for brains.

2:24 PM

I was one of those “kids” who ran from home from school to catch the latest episode at 3:30pm on Channel 7 in Chicago. This show holds a special place in the hearts of Boomers everywhere - I actually own the entire series on DVD in a coffin-shaped box, and also have a replica of Barnabas’s wolf head cane. Just wait Read more

9:12 PM

I’ve started to reread The Mote in God’s Eye, the classic novel of a young man’s spiritual journey to meet his personal deity in the flesh. Okay, maybe that’s not what it’s about. I read it before way back in the 20th Century and while I remember the big strokes of the story I had forgotten smaller stuff like the very

11:07 PM

What did you think of the novel? It didn't do much for me. There was maybe ONE part that made me clench, but for the most part I was just meh about it.