Aug 25 2016

You know more races than just the presidential one will be on the ballot in November, right? You’ll probably have some state legislators, who make legislation regarding things like abortion rights, policing and education. Perhaps some city or town council members who will be deciding how your neighborhoods will be Read more

Jul 16 2016

Religion is a tool used to gain power without resources. It is just another extension of the competition among men to be at the top of whatever kingdom they’ve invented to justify killing each other. Women are just more resources to fight over.

Jul 14 2016

When we stop allowing police units to blackball prosecutors’ offices when one of their own gets indicted. Cops have a lot of power to screw over cases if they don’t feel like showing up or protecting evidence, and they use that power to keep their murderous colleagues from being held accountable. Independent Read more

Jul 8 2016

Yeah. That’s why a lot of prosecutors’ offices have a separate division just for DV cases, because of the special challenges that come with uncooperative witnesses. It can be horribly traumatic to go through this whole process, having so many intimate details of your life shared with the pubic, to be used against that Read more

Jul 7 2016

And really, what is slavery if not endless toil with no time to relax, no way to control your surroundings, no way to get out of the situation you’re in, no way to get out from under the hand of your oppressor? If that is slavery, what then is the difference between $0 an hour and $7.50 if both keep people in Read more

Jun 16 2016

Exactly. I also wonder how traumatic it must have been for someone like Miley Cyrus to have grown up in the spotlight while working for Disney. I don’t think it’s possible for children to consent to a life of fame when they can’t really comprehend its impact. She must have felt quite suffocated and isolated, so I Read more

Jun 13 2016

I appreciate the sentiment, but these kinds of ads should be banned not because of our self esteem (trust me guys, we’ve seen worse) but because it teaches men to reduce our worth to our bodies and turns us into objects, which has very real and very damaging real-world consequences. The problem isn’t seeing the fit Read more