This happens time and time again, the evidence on CTE stacks up, yet we’ll keep trotting out children as young as six years old to begin the annual ritual of putting on pads so they can begin racking up concussions, not to mention the toll the game takes on the rest of the body. There simply is no safe way to play the Read more

I’m just gonna list off all the variants of Kangs:

I had the very same calendars! They were great, weren’t they? Read more

Kia Souls are fucking great and if Americans weren’t insecure to the point of frantically committing suicide via autoerotic asphyxiation while furiously sobbing against the backdrop of “Proud To Be An American” played on endless repeat, they would be half the cars on the road. I’m prepared to die on this hill, fucking Read more

This leak (or some other one that also recently happened), also had a ton of cool Pokemon information heavily around various scrapped Pokemon, and this is where I find things really at odds - sites dedicated to preserving Pokemon information, like Serebii and Bulbapedia, and even even ones specifically looking into Read more

Looking forward to the episode of Loki where he gives birth to an eight legged horse!

Some of the changes are going to take some getting used to. Especialy the G7 and the new sniper ammo. It’s just really weird relearning what is and isn’t a sniper now.

I don’t know why Adidas keeps making those fucking sandals lined with Lego pieces.

Ugh. Ok well first you have to deal with deniers and assholes like Trump, so it seems fitting to post this here: Read more

Really liked the update. Apart from that new gun; new hop-ups will be make it more exciting to try the same weapons in a different meta. (That double shooting G-Scout for sure) The game has a better athmosphere for me especially because that new map reminds me of my hometown, quite awesome.By the way I realised they Read more

It’s insane to me that in the year of our Lord 2019 we’re still having “Cam Newton is selfish” conversations. The guy has had no offensive line, no noteworthy receivers, and a platoon of overrated running backs basically ever since he came in the league, and has muscled them to numerous playoff berths and a Super Bowl. Read more

Cam Newton is playing injured and probably has been playing injured for the last 3 or so years. He continued to play, because the Panther’s only other option at that point was...*check notes*...A literal robot who was programmed to throw turnovers and make racial slurs. He didn’t play because he was selfish, he played Read more

No. But lets be fair. With the way some people talk about it, paying for the game isn’t a factor. It’s the practice itself that’s considered predatory. 

I think the idea is that no one want’s to see the game shift to whales, and people do not want the $200 price tag to become the norm for the vast majority of new content. Read more

Honestly, I tried not to think about him.