Aug 19 2017

One of the most amazing gifts I’ve gotten from my grandparents was a dress my great-grandmother made when she was a teenager. It’s black with small off-white detailing and tiny brown buttons. The waist is probably the circumference of my arm. She wore it to ride into town. Read more

Aug 8 2017

I love her voice, but this whole virginal detour is, frankly, annoying.

Aug 8 2017

Ok, Chris Pratt. Sure. Let’s keep spreading rumors about how desirable your man-seed is. I will totally ignore all other blind items.

Jul 24 2017

I had a lady boss for my first job, and there was a guy on our team who worked—no lie—14 or 16 hour days. We mostly thought he would be up for promotion, but a woman on my team received one instead. When the workaholic asked her why she didn’t promote him, she said, “[Woman] does twice the amount of work in 40 hours a Read more

Jul 3 2017

I was late to the watch party, and I was sad that our local theatre downgraded it from four to only one screen in favor of Transformers. That said, it was still packed with people cheering.

Jun 3 2017

Bill is like that mole on your back you keep ignoring until it’s too late.

Mar 23 2017

Season 1 was rough, but Season 2 is a treasure. The supporting characters are everything.

Mar 16 2017

I couldn’t get into Bob’s Burgers for a while; but once I revisited this year, I couldn’t get enough. It’s a really sweet family dynamic.