11/17/20 8:23AM

Devin has always been a big drinker. Not in the sense that it ruins his life, but when we party, Devin gets into a bottle of Evan Williams. I’m not much for drinking anymore, so if we are headed out for karaoke, I’m typically driving. Read more

10/06/20 5:47PM

Woah woah woah. What are you getting at? I’ve been kicked out of a Lululemon before for too aggressively handling the yoga pants on display. I’m qualified to judge here.

8/03/20 6:46PM

Or you could just slow the fuck down when approaching an intersection with obviously-poor visibility. Have you driven through farm country? It’s mostly just endless straight roads with occasional intersections. Just use the left pedal every once in a while, jeez. Read more

6/26/20 9:42PM

I’m going out on a limb and say that this was a dumb thing to do.

6/25/20 8:36PM

I am but one man, and Ford gives those other sites all of the information several hours ahead of time under embargo. Because Jalopnik does not subscribe to embargo restrictions, we have to wait until the information is public and we get it to you as quickly as we can. 

6/11/20 11:27AM

The duel clutch: Not just a small, fashionable handbag for carrying your 18th century matched pistols any more!

12/23/19 12:08PM

Used car that’s already gone top speed racing? CP, never buy someone else’s project.

10/23/19 10:40AM

Can we address the bigger issue here? Can we stop with the recommended/recent videos auto playing on every single page? Read more

8/29/19 10:21AM

As someone from a family with 3 generations of auto workers including union workers and management (I run a small tech company so I’m not one of them), my personal opinion is that the UAW is more interested in protecting bad employees and enriching themselves than actually protecting wages and benefits for the average Read more

8/20/19 12:00PM

Bullshit. I’ve had better roadrash from fucking on carpet.

5/14/19 2:25PM

The real MPG, how it feels compared to an F-150 XL Fx4 that’s cheaper by a longshot, is that rear window manual or powered, how the ride quality compares to Chevy’s fancy magnets, if you’d rather have duratracs instead of hankooks, how the thing accelerates compared to the tacoma’s 3.5 w/ auto and the chevy’s v6. Can Read more