We haven’t seen much of the dragons so far, but I don’t think we’ll be getting a bright blue one anytime soon.” Read more

You know who wasn’t “devil all the time?” Future hall of fame goaltender Martin Brodeur. He never should have signed with St. Louis. Read more

My biggest surprise today was finding out the folks behind Deadspin are starting up their own site called Defector. They’re going with a subscription-based scheme that they own. A year is $69 and comments come with a higher tier at $99. Read more

I would not like to see Sam Raimi direct this movie. The first Dr. Strange was one of the standouts of the MCU. What happened with Derickson, is the question... Read more

tbh i doubt they’ll even hear about it Read more

Typical Deadspin, making this all about Race. Read more

Sure, Amell might be embarrassed right now but this serves as a first rate audition for my upcoming epic C’mon, Man, I’m Wide Open: The Christian Hackenberg Story. Read more

Added benefit is it will be disorienting for the punt returner to catch a ball that is spiraling in the opposite direction. Read more

On the Gruden face scale, it’s somewhere between Derek Carr crying and Amari Cooper being traded. Go ahead and throw the popcorn on. Read more

Is the stove glowing cherry-red or is it more of a dull-red? Can I pop the popcorn? Read more

And let’s not forget how bad the attendance numbers look once you account for the fact that Philip Rivers’ family is responsible for filling half of the seats. Read more

I do not want to count his Manson Family picture, due next summer. Therefore, I shan’t conclude that Quentin Tarantino has directed three, rather than two, films in the decade (nearly) since Inglourious Basterds. And a good day to you sir!! I bid you good day Read more

See, Mike Trout, this is how you market your sport. Pay attention. Read more

How could you overlook the use of “in a jackpot” in the Coen Brothers’ Oscar-winning “No Country For Old Men.” Llewelyn Moss has a cab driver circle a motel when he suspects something is afoot in his room. The following exchange occurs: Read more

He is returning from his mission to pick up Nakia so she will be at his coronation, not from the events of Civil War. Read more

It’s refreshing to see an encounter with ICE where it’s not the kid that’s shattered.
Read more

Hardly the only Oxy Moron in Jacksonville. Read more