Sep 6 2019

I’m not down with this anti-intellectualism. I have a large vocabulary. I use the words I know with the closest meaning to what I am trying to say. It means sometimes I use words other people don’t know. Fancy words are fun to learn and say! Read more

Sep 6 2019

Yeah, I don’t take well to people telling me how to talk because of their own hang ups. Heaven forbid someone expands their vocabulary (you know, words). I’d rather listen to a cadre of loquacious penultimate asses than listen to someone whine about the words one chooses to use.

Aug 5 2019

While we’re on the topic of sharing pics of our F Types, here’s my white convertible.

Aug 3 2019

Idunno, more fond of red and tan on mine...

Nov 23 2018

I’ve always said and will continue to say that any winter tire comparison where the control is a summer tire can and ought to be discarded. The only people that drive summers in the snow are first time sun belt transplants, people who got caught off guard before they could switch to their winter tires/cars and morons. Read more

Sep 12 2018

That goes with the assumption that people KNOW that the locks on the car they bought are electronic. That’s an awfully big assumption. You know that the salesman didn’t say jack about the electronic latches. How is the Average Joe who doesn’t know enough about cars to change an air filter going to know about Read more

Sep 12 2018

Now what they should do as part of the rental, is offer the rental fee back toward the purchase of a new Porsche within 12 months. Read more

Sep 7 2018

OK, that explains him. Now, what about the nearly 63 million loons who looked at him and said, “He seems smart”?