Oct 22

It was, driving isn't as satisfying now that I don't like in the rockies so I've been looking for another hobby to pick up the slack. I don't really believe in guns for self defense most of the time but it is fun just to go shoot some paper.

Oct 26 2019

I’ll see your dog on a couch and raise you a dog on a couch wrapped in a king sized blanket.

Oct 25 2019

If the friendship was important to you, a message along the lines of "what the fuck, dude?" would be appropriate. If the friendship wasn't important, block the "friend," block the bully, and move on with your life. Fuck em. But block the bully either way.

Oct 2 2019

Oh definitely. Plus they want to get rid of them to make room for these. It’s always weird that on Lincolns site the MKC is still listed in the lineup alongside this. 

Sep 26 2019

I’m waiting for the inevitable Democrat winning before the economy tanks, then takes office where the economy promptly tanks, and all the Republicans start screaming “SEE I TOLD YOU SO!”

Sep 19 2019

As an IT professional; can confirm sometimes even we have to escalate matters to a higher authority 😂

Sep 6 2019

I’m not down with this anti-intellectualism. I have a large vocabulary. I use the words I know with the closest meaning to what I am trying to say. It means sometimes I use words other people don’t know. Fancy words are fun to learn and say! Read more

Sep 6 2019

Yeah, I don’t take well to people telling me how to talk because of their own hang ups. Heaven forbid someone expands their vocabulary (you know, words). I’d rather listen to a cadre of loquacious penultimate asses than listen to someone whine about the words one chooses to use.

Aug 16 2019

Awww! There's a sweet face! I'm in love with those expressive eyebrows. 

Aug 5 2019

While we’re on the topic of sharing pics of our F Types, here’s my white convertible.