Jun 17 2017
Carmax Transfer Train

How illegal/unethical/horrible would it be if I tried to start an Oppo transfer train so I could get a car

Mar 9 2017
996 911 value?

I’m thinking about going to look at a 2004 996 911 in my general area and was wondering if anyone would be willing

Aug 20 2015
Bronco Value

An acquaintance of mine is selling someones ‘87 Bronco on FB for $1500. 147k miles. Runs and drives. 302 with 4x4

Aug 2 2015
Detailing Tire Rub Help

Some dumbass with no spacial awareness ran over a large piece of tire and flung it at my wife’s car at highway

Jan 4 2015
Snow Tires Rule.

First real test of the new tires on the ST and it was a roaring success. There isn't a ton of snow on the ground,

Sep 24 2014
Kinja Issue

Kinja doesn't even have a place for me to click to sign in on Safari 7.1/Mac OSX 10.9.5. It also doesn't load

Jul 24 2014

Here you go, Jake. Best I can give you.

Jun 30 2014

What the hell did I just read? Facebook Post showed up in my newsfeed. I'm not friends with her. I'm giving the

May 8 2014
I've been FiST(ed). Hard.

Wanted to post an update for the no one that cares, since I was asking about good prices on ST's in the Kansas area.