Jun 5

Two officers suspended. I would expect every single officer who walks past an injured person wihtout making sure the person is getting help to be suspended.

Feb 23

On the one hand, it’s commendable to see that most players are still upright citizens and never go evil even if it’s in a video game. On the other hand, it’s not like being renegade in Mass Effect means you’re a senseless killer or something. Read more

Dec 15

I imagine many more games are hiding many secrets we have no idea about. Think about how many games are released every month on Steam. How many of those games are being searched through by thousands of people? Almost none of them. So I think, for sure, there are secrets and creepy ghosts hiding in a ton of games and Read more

Dec 9

I like to think that one of the cool things about Kotaku is that you can come here for more information than you’ll get from a publisher’s press release. This is a good example of that. It’s not necessarily controversial or explosive info — it’s just context that you won’t find anywhere else.

Jun 22 2019

 There have got to be more cost-effective ways for Stephen Miller to edge. 

Jun 15 2019

I can’t imagine how tough that must be, and the strength it must take, but it looks like he's got it to spare. I’m glad that he has support from his colleagues. Good words at the end. Never let anybody define who you are.

Jun 12 2019

“I think, as a Canadian, we would just never ever think about doing something like that,” 

Jun 11 2019

Good shit, man. It's probably nothing, but I'd like to see MS and Nintendo collab more often, since they're both great at things the other is kind of bad at.

Jun 3 2019

So...that’s sounds....neat, on a technical level...but not particularly conducive to good character work or compelling storytelling.

Watch Dogs 2 is really, really good...I think I’d just like more of that in a different setting.

May 31 2019

Crap. Ruined my plans for a light hearted run through. (Naked play-thru... Because why not?) Probably would have been interesting if they would have let it be a choice, either you could scale up to your level or just sort of restart at base while your version of Geralt is more powerful. Like there’s actually a reason Read more

Apr 30 2019

Ah EVE, the game that is so interesting to read about, with all its politics and intrigue...but actually playing it... not so much. :-P