ConcreteClover (Four Leaf)
Dec 19 2013

I think the "update" at the bottom of the article is grossly inadequate. The top paragraph should be deleted.

Dec 19 2013

I think what is "creepy" here is that the author of this article Google searched Heath Hudson and assumed that just because all my info came up first that I posted the ad. It took one email to find out that the Heath Hudson in San Diego, not Ontario, Canada wrote this, in his words; "a humorous job posting". He also

Dec 18 2013

So many problems with this critique. It reads like a homework assignment: Write an article about why Love Actually Sucks Big Time, and then a bunch of very lame reasons and half-truths and arguments that are stretched (a lot) to fit. Firth's character hadn't even kissed, let alone had sex with, the 'Portuguese sex Read more

Dec 18 2013

I don't think anyone intended to make a deep and knowing drama about love when they made this movie. I am sorry it made you so ragey.

Dec 5 2013

Palin? She is an idiot. She has no concept as to how they work or what they mean. Words mean therefore what she says they mean. Read more

Dec 2 2013

His OK Cupid username is Laugh4meBaby. He definitely comes across as a douche from his profile.

Nov 30 2013

That's OK! People forget, in Kinja, you're not leaving a 'comment,' you're making a reply to the author. It's a conversation. Just like all the people who 'reply' to your 'reply'.