John Olman
Nov 2 2013

Be sure to look for the hot rods finishing the almost cross-country Driven Dirty Tour that literally ends on the SEMA show floor. Say "hi" to Scott Whitaker at the Dynamat display. He's sure to have some good stories for you to share on Jalopnik.

Jul 26 2013

Here's one of the most practical shooting brakes of all time: the Morris Minor Traveller. Utilizing ash structural components, it was the last woody model manufactured, ceasing production in 1971. The photo is of my 1960 Traveller setting the slow speed record at Indy.

Jun 28 2013

Having just seen John Davis spew all kinds of negative comments about the MINI Paceman a few days ago makes this gushing review of the Honda even more laughable. The writers apparently have their thesaurus stuck on the superlatives page.