Mar 11

We found the douchebag transphobe. She already served her prison time for her crimes, they should stop trying to coerce her into testifying because they’ll be responsible for her death the next time she tries to kill herself.

Mar 11

The fact you feel the need to misgender her throughout your stupid screed says everything about you.

Sep 19

This is problematic logic. If anything, the Obama administration alums have too much of a personal conflict to dispassionately analyze their record. They were too close to it, emotionally involved and attached. I know this is just another one of the vapid anti-Splinter comments that are inundating the site lately, but Read more

Sep 6

How do you reconcile the fact that the state you’re so gung-ho to protect are fucking war criminals? 

Sep 5

Tom Clancy stories are the equivalent of the 50 Shades books for guys with wraparound sunglasses and “thin blue line” flag bumper stickers.

Jul 22 2019

You know what would help that? Holding men who sexually harass women accountable.

Jul 19 2019

D you live in Hawaii? Are you native Hawaiian?  I do and I am. Most native Hawaiians I know are not for the building of tmt here. There were no polls like some of the media suggests. The only reason the state of Hawaii is pushing for it to be built here is so the politicians can fill their bank accounts. 

Jul 18 2019

Calling the whole stupid “Colonel” fiasco at my high school “high-profile” is... a stretch. I don’t really want to get into it, but I went to that high school during this particular mess, and leaving aside the asshole with the Confederate flag, it was very much White People Getting Mad At Other White People. The most Read more

Jul 18 2019

Of course it’s fine to critique Bernie and the points you bring up are important, but I always remain skeptical about the critic’s intentions when they go to such great lengths to break apart Bernie’s record while turning a blind eye towards certain elephants in the room like the other candidates’ presiding over mass Read more

Jul 3 2019

Yeah, tell me how conservatives don’t try to control people. Really, I need a laugh today.

Jul 1 2019

Neo-Nazi/white supremacist/far right kill people.  They are domestic terrorists - the majority of domestic terrorism (extreme violence and murder) is done by the far right.  Antifa has a death count of zero.  I hate violence too, but let’s not lose sight of reality here.  The Proud Boys are a terrorist organization, Read more

Jul 1 2019

  You triggered the neo-nazi apologists hard with this one. Will no-one think of the poor fascists and their hurt feelings?

Jun 18 2019

Trank be like “Hey, I may be an unprofessional alcoholic, but at least I’m not a rapist!” 

Apr 9 2018

(I created the artwork and the box to intentionally confuse and obfuscate reality.)