See and this is what I’m looking for. They need to pull out all the stops to show that the Republicans fucked over the system last time. They can’t do anything in the senate but they can’t go quietly.

Yeah if the Dems don’t refuse to seat anyone using the same argument the Republicans did then they don’t deserve to be in power. No high road bullshit this time. 

Yeah. I REALLY don’t want to vote for him. I’d have to write a massive post to accurately illustrate why but the easiest explanation is that we can’t have more Trump and unchecked Republican judiciary stuffing. We just can’t. Read more

Are you trying to say we have diversity of thought in black culture? But..but...Biden...said.. Read more

I just stopped by Sony products as a whole because of stuff like this. No games, consoles, or electronics. I used to buy a lot of Sony electronics.  I’m never going to buy a console for 1 or 2 games, there are plenty other games out there to play. 

He’s just high on his own supply. He thinks his movies are AMAZEBALLS and that he has no need of narrative control by anyone but him. 

Exactly. We have to expect that we will be held to a higher standard just to be considered maybe right in this as with everything else in our lives. Read more

Yes they will. It’s already going on. 

I agree. People who are not part of the cult of stupid need to do their best to avoid the supporters of “#MAGATRUMP2020 #COVIDHOAX” etc. My rule is if you don’t have a mask you’re a supporter of Trump and the hoax movements. I don’t have the luxury of thinking anything else. To me you are a walking deadly weapon. If Read more

They are either lazy or unskilled in the work, poorly trained, poorly prepared for the understanding the roles they are hiring for, maybe all of the above. I think the 90% match thing is the real error in judgement. I have never had a job where 90% of the skills and experience they asked for were required to do the Read more

All if this is why when I hear a company bemoaning the lack of capable workers I just shake my head. There are plenty of capable American workers that are just not getting engaged because of how shabby American companies recruiting organizations have become. Read more

It’s almost as if rich people feel nothing will hold them to account until it does. 

I actually looked into starting a business that did just this. Go into an area that was economically depressed, retrain people and help set them up for not just developer roles but things like online customer service, online tech support, etc.  Read more

I’ve done a lot of job searching over the last couple years and I will confirm that this is the case. I think the real issue is companies want 100% ready made perfect fits to save costs and do some sort of instant hit the ground at nearly full capability. Read more

Part of me thinks they do this to increase resistance so they can excuse more violence and add charges. Read more

This is totally a result of what we have been through collectively. For generations we have been hurt, told we were worthless, told we will never measure up to The Massa. Far too often when black men get the chance to be The Massa they jump right into it. We want the power of being over someone because the world seems Read more

I totally agree with this. If we are meek in every encounter it emboldens racists. Yes, armed black people scare the FUCK out of white people but a little fear is necessary. Read more

Does it matter one bit that he said he was remorseful? He’s remorseful it was recorded. He’s remorseful he may suffer a financial impact. I don’t believe that he has any remorse at all for what he said. Read more

I’ve noticed that American white folk tend to treat British black folk differently. Like their accent magically adds a level of capability and intelligence that makes white people classify them as a cut above. Read more