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5:01 PM

Stop trying to make that a thing Rigby & get back to work. So today in your room you have a lampshade & a guy fawkes mask. Shall I print the name tag up now?

2:27 PM

I'm dubious, Hefferson doesn't sound very semitic or even a real name. Is it like "heffing & jeffing" that kinda thing? Hhmmmm, makes you wish there were some I dunno, kind of "religious" "authorities" you could go and ask about this kinda thing. Are they a thing?

I like the "something something Jesus" part though, a Read more

5:10 PM

Aw, couldn't we have a clip from the original? It's sooo much better and considering the era it was made, with the war still quite fresh in people memories, so much more outrageous.

Still awesome though. ;)

4:48 PM

You're right, any woman. But considering the use of Nazi-ish imagery and the Nazi's feelings about POC, then in this case it's just the WOC I'm referring to. It's too much. And let's not pretend she's reclaiming this and that for whatever, the record company just think it looks cool. It doesn't.

5:22 PM

This is a thing? Making an extra video just so you know the lyrics? Wow. Just shows how much modern, no sorry, mainstream, (do not mean that in a Hipster aloof way) music I listen too coz this is all kinds of dumb. Think how else that money could be spent.

All it shows us is what awful awful lyrics they are. Lovely Read more

5:37 PM

I apologise if Jezebel has covered this but even more just as shocking is that a UK Football club (can't remember if Premier League but quite a big club none the less ) is in talks to have a convicted rapist return to his position on release from prison. It's kind of a big deal over here you should check it out. Read more

3:50 PM

Thank you! I hadn't seen either of these but remember Tom's Diner sooo well, I'm gonna Wiki her now (is that a thing "wiki-ing" someone? Hmm, It is now!).

12:49 PM

It took for you to say this for me to remember who she was. Did she have any other hits? I can't think of any this side of the pond.

12:43 PM

**Brett Booth in particular, the artist responsible for the cover, acted pretty much exactly like you'd expect a man who has "Neutral on everything else for fear of losing job, 'cause I'm publicly shamed to conform." in his Twitter bio to act. Read more

5:00 PM

You have to give props to Stephen Amell for his incredible acting, forget what the hair is doing, compare his expression on the douche-Ollie pic up there with this one and it is hard to believe they are the same guy. Read more

1:35 PM

This is what I'm thinking too, when I see the people that are being hired or given recruiter blogs, they all seem to be American. Sadly, I have all but given up on posting on my Kinja blog. I didn't get the job when io9 were hiring and someone else was given an animation blog when that is kinda my thing, one of my Read more

5:01 PM

Yiss, this is what I said, and I don't think it wouldn't work, because as Lauren says below, "This is specific to people who have penises" as men are often objectified for their butts! I just think a butt window would be more fitting. Read more

2:44 PM

I know what you mean and I wholeheartedly agree to some extent, I was saying something similar myself about the upcoming Constantine TV series just a few weeks ago. BUT, these turtles just look ugly, really ugly, too much human going on in that face, more cartooney would have been better. Read more

6:08 PM

If just applied to writing in general; I hate being told that, I never liked being told it at school and now; years later I repetitively hear an extension of this adage by being told to write about my life. Read more