Sooooo... your brother’s an asshole?  For making fun of you for not knowing something HE had to look up, himself.  Sounds like some real idiot bully kind of behavior! Read more

Scalpers are a plague on humanity and should be put to death. Read more

I look forward to the big showdown between Ursula and Björn to see who is the Most Bear. Read more

So, for now, the jury’s still out on who’s “wahoo-ing” in Wonder. Do you have any theories? Read more

You seem to think Amazon Go is the solution.  But I don’t want to need to have to sign up for the specific app for every single grocery store just so I can walk into one and walk out with my items (and trust that they’ve charged me correctly).  All of your automation arguments are based on “we have the technology” and Read more

You keep going on - at length - about how many words other people have spilled, advocating that maybe grocery store checkout employees are not useless. But look - sure, being a grocery store employee may not be moving society forward, and maybe we all really DO have that unlimited potential to do whatever great shit Read more

And your solution for all these stores that sell alcohol and don’t want to pay people to scan/check an ID (also, not all IDs are uniform across state lines, so there’s a minor hiccup) is for them to build a liquor cabinet that opens by scanning an ID. I’m sure they won’t mind paying to build that! In every store where Read more

Grocery store cashier is a job that can be automated away and therefor is a job that nobody really needs to have. Read more

So you went from 8 bit to GameCube with nothing in between? It would seem you missed all of the actual good pixel art systems, then. Sure, there were some magician that worked pretty well in the latter days of the NES, but pixel art didn’t start to get genuinely good until the SNES/Genesis days, and even early PS1 Read more

The best part about using the dildos to count his good ideas is that the good ideas you’re counting are also not yours - just like Musk’s ideas are not his! Read more

While I’m sure there are legitimate complaints about the content and how it’s produced... I can’t help but feel like a nice juicy feud about the content is just more grist for the mill, for all parties involved. They get to set up their takedowns, and their rebuttals, and apologies and it’s all just more content. Read more

Yeah, this is a bad look, even after the “update”, when the article jumps from their post, to the article like this: Read more


While you are absolutely 100% correct, what you’re missing is that the crimes weren’t sensationalized in the 70's like they were in the 80's. Bernie Goetz was ‘86. The Exonerated 5 in Central Park, and Cheeto Mussolini’s full page add declaring he was a racist prick? That was ‘89, so that one was even pushed into the Read more

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk Read more

The proper pluralization would be, “Calls of Duty.

...You think that people only started hating Musk when he bought Twitter? Read more

Thank you for pre-empting my “BUT WHAT ABOUT MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD” take. Read more

I was just coming down here to say that it really sounds like San Diego district attorney Summer Stephan fuckin’ suuuuuuuuucks.  Manslaughter - sure, I can buy that. But trying to claim actual homicide? FOH, you over-reaching bags of shit. Read more