Feb 21 2018

She’s a big beautiful beast, but I think I’m most happy in my Trail Premium 4Runner. A bit smaller and less luxurious, but it has a big dumb reliable V6, no third row, and the rear window rolls down for the dogs to drool out of. It also has way more range because the tank is 23 gallons but it sips less!

Nov 14 2017

ISF truly is a gem, and though I’ve only owned mine for about a year, I love it more than my previous 20 cars, most recently a G37 6 speed sedan. Allow me to share a few more reasons:

Oct 24 2017

The answer is, and indeed shall forever be, zipper merge. Go to the merge point, people. Don’t merge before that, you dolts.

Sep 7 2017

FYI, the online tool doesn’t tell you anything about whether you’ve been compromised. I entered my last name and the last 6 digits of my SS, completed a Captcha and I got this:

Aug 28 2017

The “s” is dumb, but the i3 is a legitimately cool car. Its manufacturing alone is cutting-edge, and its got great space utilization. You can also buy is with a flat-twin range extender! I’m very surprised this isn’t a Jalop-approved car.

Aug 22 2017

What we really need is a 2 door version, that carries all my friends and has a bed that is both long enough to haul a 4 wheeler and some lumber or something but be super short for sick trails, also diesel manual and no more than 30 grand. Its not rocket surgery Jeep! Read more

Jun 17 2017

Fox Sports Go has not had any commercials for the time I have watched. The comments go silent but those are replaced with glorious engine sounds.

Sep 16 2015

Wait not one of you guys posted the Jeep FC yet. So disappointed.