Feb 12 2018

I love Curling, and I love watching Curling because you can sort of relax, and watch the slow boil of a 2-3 hour chess match. It was nearly impossible to find full clips of the matches. Even the Olympics website just shows a 2-3 minute clip of a 2-3 hour match with a few shots.

The Olympics are a tournament. There’s a Read more

Feb 11 2018

Riding my bicycle south around Thanksgiving back in 78, maybe 79. Rode south from Philly onto the Skyline Drive and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. Took days, cold days. Got near Roanoke VA when an ice storm hit. I hid under a culvert (bridge on the BRP). My Svea stove didn’t work in that cold so I ate cold blueberry Read more

Oct 6 2017

Huh. My 84 year old father said the same thing to me when I transitioned. I said “What if God made me this way?” Read more

Sep 27 2017

I’ll admit, you’re growing on me. Now just get Kotaku to stop using that god awful video player.

Jul 25 2017

I was gonna say, not having Florida Georgia Line here is like having a shit sandwich without diarrhea dressing. Read more

Jul 12 2017

He is 100% right. The skaters were probably, no, definitely in the wrong. Unsanctioned and dangerous activity. Competent policing means the police show up and shut the activity down without escalating the situation. Their job is to protect the public, of which the skaters are part. Read more