The Huntress
Mar 1 2017

So their campaign is don’t vote for Osoff because he might be living in the 21st century? Then again, maybe that’s what the constituency they are playing to likes.

Oct 17 2016

deadpool suit that I dyed, weathered, detailed and put together.

Nov 5 2015

Brothers of the Broken Horn started with Ezra a bit on the grumpy side...I wasn’t quite sure why he was feeling that way” Read more

Oct 30 2015

lol, was hoping to see some guy say “yeah, lol, i was THAT stormtrooper that hit his head”... :)

Oct 15 2015

Working on this for my son. Almost complete :-) recreating the costume from here:

Oct 15 2015

You’ve got it all wrong. This is a George Lucas approved change to the original. He realized that Vader, powerful as he was in the force, never would have failed to recognize his own daughter from two feet away. Or at least recognized her as force sensitive. So he had to change which character Vader was confronting Read more

Oct 15 2015

Came up with this two hours before a party I was hosting. Maybe this will help un-grey me!

Oct 15 2015

I just put this together a few days ago. I’ve always liked the idea of Dapper Vader. It wasn’t until last night I realized I needed gloves... And then I realized I should just wear one glove, since Anakin lost an arm.

Oct 15 2015

Me and my husband last year as Marceline the Vampire Queen and Barf. This year my sister and I are being a mini Clone Club of Sarah and Helena. My Helena wig arrived yesterday and it’s insane— and on the plus side, I now have the foundation for a River Song costume.

Oct 15 2015

This was taken at a Con earlier, but it will be my costume for Halloween this year. The Doctor Jedi! Complete with working, light up Sonicsaber (can't really see it in this picture...but it's the best I have).