Theres the kicker. 8 grand will get you into so many other cars that are better at both fun driving, and wind in your hair. All you get here is fake vintage.  Read more

You guys are just fucking with us now, right? Read more

Well strictly speaking, all used car prices are insane these days. So if you can afford to wait, almost every used car is ND right now. Read more

my ‘75 Vega was excellent. Read more

How does it feel to singlehandedly emit more CO2 than most small countries? Sorry but fuck this thing. Beautiful my ass, it is just as much a huge lardy lump of excess as any other obese murrican “truck”. 10 mpg...

No, the i3 isn’t a poor car at all, just overpriced. Why is it overpriced? there’s a 4 hour YouTube how its made style video that may shed some light on the technology that BMW uses to build the i3 which is heavily dependent on robots, not people. I’ve been to a modern German automotive factory, two words: mind Read more

I don’t know what everyone is talking about here. I can’t count the number of times that I leave Trader Joe’s and after I put my groceries in my Tesla and after I look through the windshield to see the the curb and the nicely landscaped bushes in front of my Tesla thought “Shit, do I put the car in reverse or drive Read more

Can confirm, I’m never buying another ICE car. Read more

It must feel pretty bad to get out-parented by some car thieving crackhead. Read more

America is a nation divided along many lines these days, but I believe we can all come together as one and agree, regardless of race, political leanings, age, or gender, that these new BMW designs are awful. This could be what saves the country from falling apart. Read more

I laughed out loud when I read the ad for the 1972 International Loadstar. Dude wants to trade for a high-end guitar. Read more

What in the ever loving fuck is happening in DC right now? Shots being fired both ways, protesters storming the Senate. This just shows the amount of power deliberate misinformation can have on people, causing them to literally storm one of our arms of government brandishing weapons. Again I say, What. The. Fuck. Read more

Ford Electric Futura has a nice ring to it.
They should have gone with that. Read more

With a 120 mile daily commute, you know what would be fun to drive? A vehicle you don’t have to stop to fuel up three times a week. Here’s a 2017 Chevy Volt with 27000 miles for $15k. Read more

Oh I’m gonna guess this was populated only by insufferable douchebags. Read more

Sorry to hear about your mother falling ill, Erik. Obviously I definitely wish her a speedy recovery. Read more

your story seems to completely validate the premise of the article that the police are bad at deciding who and when to stop? Read more

I was going to argue with you, but I see you’re right. Read more