Jul 7

When I was a kid, like you my dad used “other” items: metal wire milk crates, 1 to work on the brakes and 2 work on everything else like the exhaust, tranny and to find lost (10mm?) sockets. They were free and plentiful at the loading docks at finer grocery stores. Read more

Jul 7

I took off all 4 wheels on my car last weekend to get new tires, I wasn’t even getting under the car and still got so nervous about it I ended up with 3 jacks, 4 jack stands, 2 wheels, and a spare tire under the car.

Jul 7

You have to keep in mind that some of us come from an age where being into geeky shit got you bullied, whether emotionally or physically. That has changed quite a bit, but some of us still have residual emotional responses to that trauma.

Jun 8

Equally mysterious is why no matter where you do archaeology, you’ll find that graves, cities, and other ruins contain red and white or black and white striped sticks.

Jun 7

Historians a 1000 years from now:
“In the year 2020, a great pandemic arrived in the San Francisco Bay region, leading the denizens of the area to build the ‘Great Wailing Bridge’ as a monument to mark their mourning - of the valuable profits that had been lost during the economic shutdown caused by the plague. It was Read more

May 28

That’s the same principle on how to make weight training more efficient. Tired of lifting 75 kg at a time? Just lift one 750 kg weight once instead.

May 28

I also can’t wait to see the video of you towing David’s truck with this thing after the J10 breaks down halfway home ;)

May 26

I still believe nuclear is an essential part of our energy future.

May 18

Or, third option, he thinks he’s taking hydroxychloroquine and a WH doctor, not wanting to lose his job or kill the President, has been feeding Trump placebos, knowing that the big dumb orange Hemorrhoid will never know the difference. 

May 12

Neutral: I’m active duty military. Regardless of what the Commander-in-Cheeto may say, the DoD’s take on it is, “We aren’t relaxing SHIT until we feel it’s truly safe to lower the Health Protection Condition (HPCON).”