cloverworks, aka Mrs. Boost
11:38 AM

I don’t understand Twizzlers. They feel like I’m trying to eat the wax on a candy soda bottle, get stuck between my teeth, and taste like someone whispering “strawberries” from across the street.

9:29 AM

She is correct though. At peak freshness the Butterfinger is a thing of beauty. The problem is that 80% of the Butterfingers I have eaten seem to be past this point. 

9:09 PM

I came in here expecting to aggressively disagree but... Yeah, you’re pretty much right. (I do think Twizzlers are better than Red Vines, but in my heart of hearts I know they’re not... Good. Especially when stale, which they usually are.)

7:20 PM

Not all sheep are created equal. The Leicesters we have (border and blue-faced) have a bit more personality than many of the other production breeds. Also, A Sheep, is a much different thing from A Flock of Sheep. A Sheep is a wiley, quick, curious, and surprisingly charismatic small rumenant. A Flock of Sheep is a Read more

7:01 PM

I’m a rural, and yet I'm still amazed at the contrast between the absolute cuteness of a lamb, and the eye-rolling brainlessness of damp wool and panic that is a sheep.

2:01 PM

It was good little car. Dead reliable. With good tires, front strut brace and rear lower subframe brace it made many a SubbieBro irate at AX. The electric power steering was just a dead and feel-free as the 2019 Kona, but also much like the Kona, the chassis and suspension dynamics were actually very good, and even if Read more

2:46 AM

No difference between boys and girls on the wool front, (wierdly rams often seem to stay cleaner than ewes, but the wool is of identical qality) but the flock growth bit is dead on. The more ewes we have, we can pick the best ones from the bunch to keep and breed to grow the flock.

12:18 AM

The great thing about sheep is that little lambs are adorable and cute and loveable and then just about the time they turn into annoying, horny, rebellious, trouble-making teenager-equivalent sheep they are big enough to slaughter and become very delicious. And then next spring you get more adorable lambs!

10:46 PM

When the temperature is seasonally appropriate, an unheated barn is fine. The hay pack is actually composting and providing some heating in our arrangement. But -5°F is awfully cold for lambs... We also weren’t really expecting them for another week or two. Last year we had a cold snap and several lambs were born on Read more

6:12 PM

I mean it’s a dribble, not a spurt... It’s bad enough to be a real problem, but not like a “suddenly all my oil is on the ground and now the engine is running dry” problem. Which would be "super bad". This just rates as "pretty bad".

1:15 PM

That Edge looks like a blobby mess next to a Mondeo.