Clint Alexander

“Repeal Obama’s 25 year import ban!” Read more

but lest you forget about the matter of scale... Read more

What about actual living spacecraft? Do they count as Class 7?

Um, Tom Hanks wasn’t really in space. Read more


If GM management could actually find anyone as sensible and knowledgeable as you in their product development ranks I’m sure they’d be fired within the week. Read more

You know what I don’t need? Screens that stretch from pillar to pillar. There are a limited number of things I need to know while I’m driving. Speed, maybe the remaining range, and then the info about what song is playing, or what playlist I’m on. Read more

I’ll do one better: Unnecessary, but fine. Read more

oh it was definitely due for an update. The 3D look is out of date. Read more

But then how, exactly, is one supposed to: “radiate more openness and clarity”.  Read more

Marketing people can’t just ignore your emails all day, they need variety in their jobs like anyone else.  Read more

I hate it.  But I’ll get used to it.  In fact, it’s sort of an improvement.  Actually I prefer it.  The next one after this will be terrible, surely. Read more

THANK YOU. The whole point of a logo is it’s a consistent factor for me to associate your brand with. Changing it up for no particular reason does the exact opposite of its intended purpose. Read more

I don’t get why logos are “due for updates” anyway. Unless there’s a fundamental shift in the business that muddles the logo’s message or they used some very period-specific styling in the first place, there’s no need to change something that currently works. It only makes sense when there’s a functional issue to be Read more

How Is the U.S. Going to Fight the Coronavirus? Read more

Secretary Alex Azar refused to promise that any eventual vaccine would be made available to the public for free or at low cost, citing the need to protect profits for drugmakers. Read more

Nah it’s good to shame these losers and it’s cathartic to make fun of them Read more

Sometimes getting the negative shit in your inbox out in the open and making fun of it is therapudic. They don’t seem to be overly bothered by it, which makes sense because who cares what a backwards cretin thinks anyway? Read more