Jan 18 2018

I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror with my dad when I was a little kid (not every morning, since he was usually off to work well before my bus came, but fairly often), and we would blow ourselves kisses and tell ourselves how amazing and fantastic we were. ^_^
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Jan 5 2018

No waitstaff wants to hear about your idiosyncratic dietary preferences! Just order what you can eat. Don’t make someone play a game of having to pick for you, a waiter doesn’t know all the ingredients of everything, or having to go running back to the chef to ask if pizza can be made with tofu instead of cheese.

Dec 20 2017

I conceived spontaneously a couple months before we were supposed to start our first IVF cycle. Our insurance covered infertility treatments, including IVF (we were very lucky) so it was definitely the less expensive option for us. In the end I opted to only have one child and we didn’t use IVF, but I had zero qualms Read more

Dec 20 2017

How dare she go by the name she wants to go by and name her daughter what she wants to name her. The nerve.

Dec 18 2017

I don’t understand why she is berated for her compassion. Why do we assume the wives always know what their husbands are up to? Or that they aren’t suffering the same abuse at home? Are we all so heroic that we can’t imagine people who weren’t brave enough to speak up? Are we all so aware that we have never been Read more

Dec 7 2017

Yeah, what’s with all the nuance in this article? That’s not what I visit Jezebel for!

Nov 29 2017

We disagree about that, but okay. There’s plenty of greed in investing, but there’s nothing particularly greedy about having a basic IRA or other retirement account so that you can save enough money to not die in poverty. There are also plenty of other values-based investment opportunities that have too low of a Read more

Nov 29 2017

Is this actually a story about greed though? Lists like this are meant to be an aid for people who want to restrict their investing to companies that share their values. This story is only about greed if you think all stories about investing are about greed. Read more

Nov 28 2017

Vinny seems to be the funniest and most down to earth of the group. His food road trip show with his mom was actually pretty funny.

Nov 2 2017

Thank you. He was so good in those. I have met so many people who hate on The Departed but it’s one of my favorite movies because of Leonardo DiCaprio, and despite Mark Walburgh and Alec Baldwin going too far in their corny, bullshit emoting. I found The Revenant kind of boring but am willing to give it another try. Read more

Oct 27 2017

I’ve been in these comment threads long enough to know that if she didn’t use that descriptor for her first child and then did call her black babies beautiful, someone would accuse her of fetishising or exoticising their colour.

Oct 27 2017

How unfortunate that so many people are responding to this heartfelt piece with their own biases. Whether or not YOU find a religious congregation worth pursuing, whether or not YOU believe in God or faith is not the point. This writer does, and she should be allowed to express that and her disappointment in her Read more

Oct 24 2017

In a world where people are more and more disinterested and cynical about politic, I think it’s specially important to have strong consumer protection. Pushing back against false advertising is an important part of this. The way corporation and company advertise and give information to the public should be regulated.
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