Dumpster Fire
May 23 2018

It would appear that Obama must continue to play the “Magical Negro” role until white liberals are satisfied with his overall performance.

May 23 2018

He only had the most stressful job in the fucking world for eight fucking years. He’s a fucking private fucking citizen and can do whatever the fuck he wants. Read more

Sep 3 2017

I’m not sure how you got access to the open internet from North Korea, but I’d take issue with your assessment of Kim Jong-un as a “strong, competent, and rational” leader.

Dec 1 2016

I eagerly await Donald Trump’s analysis prior to any known facts. I surmise that Pence is a flat earth sort of guy, but I don’t know about Little Finger.

Oct 21 2016

This must be why I can’t get to I wanted to see how that Hulk Hogan/Peter Thiel thing was going.

Sep 20 2016

At least they don’t have to put up with ads on their internet sites.

Jun 6 2016

Boldly floating where no man has floated before?

Jun 4 2016

My dad, a law-abiding citizen and a clock fancier/collector, is rolling in his grave at this. Read more

May 23 2016

Jamie, please use the metric system (we are in 2016 !!)

22 foot : 6,70 m / 43 miles : 69,2 km

Apr 22 2016

Trisolaris has obviously sent a sophon to mess with Earth. Time to set up the wallfacer project.

Apr 7 2016

Of course that’s fake, you can’t even see the turtle.