Zach Taylor
5:54 PM

Check out @peterson_restorations on Instagram. Ben does fantastic metal work, you can see what an entire restoration process like this would take.

12:38 PM

I agree, it was a hard decision, but I would’ve felt worse pouring time and money into this. This is a project for a different type of enthusiast. 

11:55 AM

These comments are great, I’m glad everyone is enjoying this story. I typically don’t like my business out in the open, but it was too rich of a tale not to share.

Just a couple of things to point out...

- This was far from a solo operation, my friend Christian McGinn helps me a lot with these projects. He runs a

10:31 PM

It’s ironic that one of my friends whom -I- met in FFXI sent me the link to this article. I think you really hit the nail on the head on a lot of points, especially the idea of challenge equaling emotional depth. My problem is that after XI, no MMO can really hold my attention for very long. Everything pales in Read more

10:48 PM

Are we talking about “sad” in reference to the vehicles in the configurator? Or the quality of the website itself? Because honestly, Toyota has one of the worst in the industry, especially given its market cap.

11:36 PM

Highly suggest you try the ST3 Recaros from a Focus ST. It's a love hate with adjustability. I traded my ST3 after a 4 hour road trip because I couldn't walk after sustained driving. I'm short and stocky. Thinner, taller people fit better in them. Spend lots of time in one. Would hate for you to spend $40k Read more