civicdrivr is not a civic drivr

A year ago, I was looking at the Performance Pack 6MT, but I drove it and absolutely hated it. The clutch sucked, the shifter was vague, and the ride was terrible (yes, the shipping blocks were removed from the suspension). I walked away and turned my attention to the Focus and Fiesta ST. I didn’t really like those Read more

To trade in my FR-S or not... Read more

Hell yes! I will be paying extra close attention to this as I am planning on leasing a 4 door GTI SE or Autobahn with Perf/Lighting packs later this year. Read more

I legitimately thought this was an April fools joke, but I stand corrected. While I can’t say that concept is attractive, I am really looking forward to the Type R. Read more

Has any car really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Read more

It was a balmy 2* this morning when I woke up in Central Virginia. It was -7* with wind chill. Read more

My IS300 disagrees. No arrow. Read more

Neither of them have SH-AWD. That's Acura only. Read more

Heh. Wischer Wascher.

I can't help but feel an overwhelming amount of meh. Read more

"if you look into VA's history of auto accidents, close to 70% of fatalaties involved excess speed" Read more

These do look spectacular, but I'd rather get the 525/528 variants as they had rack and pinion, instead of the steering box like the 540. You could also get the 525/528 Touring with a manual; which can't be said of the 540. Read more

Just came here to post this. Read more

As a Jet fan, I couldn't agree with this more. Read more

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we need more details on this. Read more

'03 Acura CL Type S with a manual ('03 was the only year for the manual), or even an '03-07 Accord V6 6MT. Decent passing power, comfortable seats (especially the CL), bulletproof J series engine, and low 30mpg at steady cruise. I had a CL, and I loved that thing. Best of all, the back seat was actually usable. Read more

Can't sit in the back of mine :D

To add to Tavarish' post, the area behind the rub strip on the side of the car can have rust hiding on it. Read more