Jul 28

I’m okay with trying new and weird things, but the notion of the texture of watermelon plus a bun growing increasingly soggy from the juice sounds unpalatable. 

Jun 24

Is an extramarital affair (or even a string of) with consenting adults “sexual misconduct” now? Or did I miss something?

Jun 24

I know this is just a news piece - however is society really going to start pushing for resignations over family issues and infidelity? - this seems like a step too far. Shady, but not abuse. 

Jun 24

So this guy had perfectly consensual affairs. Why is it on kotaku and why is he even losing his job over it? It’s none of our business.

Jun 24

To what degree am I personally supposed to care if someone who works on a video game I’ll probably buy cheats on his wife? What’s the fundamental difference in a person’s “good” score between infidelity vs they hit a parked car and don’t leave a note? Under-report income on their taxes?

Jun 22

Better to draw from the design of the LotR movies than The Hobbit movies anyways.

Jun 10

The bear thing comes out of nowhere.  Rebellious princess, challenging her mom, poof, mom’s a bear.

Jun 3

The Alphas that are actually playable from SC are a thing that is not available in any other software of its kind. You are basically watching the game unfold in small increments in a way you wouldn’t be able to if they did things “the normal way”.
As for the timeframe of SC: The scope is larger, they didn’t start out Read more

Jun 3

I don’t think this counts as a AAA game. It’s basically a smaller, lower-budget Total War spinoff (hence the “Saga” part of the title). Don’t get me wrong, Epic probably paid them at least $20 million for this deal but I doubt Sega would have agreed if this were a mainline TW entry.

Jun 2

I don’t see how you can complain about a free AAA game at launch. I was a little annoyed that I had to get a new launcher, but most of the games I have on Epic are freebies and I’m excited for this and SamSho 5 coming for free.

May 26

The result is a marketplace where you can no longer buy a Switch or a Switch Lite at their normal price points.”