May 10

“sexual misconduct” is the word bloggers and women use when they know nothing major or illegal has been done to them, but they feel bad about it, so it must be “wrong.”

May 10

This is why “sexual misconduct” as a catch-all phrase is essentially meaningless. I’d dare anyone to succinctly describe James Franco’s “behavior” in a way that makes the case for why his career should end. Read more

Apr 30

The world is filled with people who aren’t like them?  Well, what the fuck is stopping that WORLD FULL OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE from making their own shit? 

Apr 29

Now do non-European-white culture and why it’s bad too.

Apr 29

Woke: Devs, don’t make games about minority identities you can’t personally speak to, as that is appropriation and you’ll likely screw it up. Read more

Mar 3

If it lets games run at 1080p with better frame rates that’s perfectly fine for me.

Mar 3

Idonn’tneedit, Idonn’tneedit,Idonn’tneedit, oh who the fuck am I kidding?

Mar 2

so i can sit on my comfortable couch and play on a 55" OLED screen?

Jan 31

Better have a false report, than dead people. Especially considering how the l'est few years had a pretty heavy death toll so extremist

Jan 28

But the main campaign is like....40 hours, and even then there’s a bunch of cruft (the entire Caribbean adventure, bank robbery #5, farm life simulator, etc). And if you want to 100% the game (which is publishers get the”100+ hours of content!” bullshit) it’s a ton of repetitive crap. Go hunt 100 animals. Go fish 100 Read more

Jan 27

The problem for me is less the length and more the repetition. if the game were 100 hours of discovery, where you find new regions, engage in unique experiences, find new activities, and just feel a sense of discovery, thats one thing. However, it’s not that.

The problem  with modern AC games is its like a 20 course Read more

Jan 27

I feel like this has been an issue for a LOT of games - Ubisoft games specifically, but also gaming in general, everything from Horizon Zero Dawn to latter-day BioWare - and I generally pin the blame on Skyrim, if inadvertently. Lot a lot of things in gaming, it felt like other developers looked at Skyrim, said ‘oh, Read more

Jan 14

Only white folks visit museums?

That silliness aside, the Tomb Raider games I’ve played always involved some ancient or supernatural threat to humanity and were more about investigating and stopping that threat than stealing artifacts.

Jan 14

These ridiculous takes I see on this site are absolutely how Trump rose to power.

Jan 6

That’s not correct. The Xbox was, for all intents and purposes, just a living room PC - it was designed with relatively off-the-shelf hardware, which made porting PC games a breeze and explains the huge overlap between the contemporary Xbox and PC release libraries. The Gamecube, on the other hand, was more Read more

Dec 29

The movie would have been 550% better if he had woken up in the body of Louie Anderson and we had ourselves a shallow hal type situation where Diana realized it was just Chris Pine’s face that she fell for, not his personality. Read more

Dec 29

And what happened when she renounced her wish and he woke up in the middle of anarchy, several days after his last memory, with a vague, itchy sensation in his crotch? And that trip to the doctor later, “Mr. Johnson, you have Super Gonorrhea.”

Dec 29

No doubt! If this were Captain America and the simulation of Peggy Carter in another woman’s body, Twitter would have been at Defcon-1 by 5pm Christmas Day. But in this timeline it’s DC, it’s Wonder Woman and feminine synergy, so Patty Jenkins gets a third film.

Sep 4 2017

“Naido being reduced to a placeholder for Diane is another example of Lynch’s clumsy sidelining of non-white characters. In this case, she’s not even a character, but a symbol of a character.” Read more