Charlie C.
Mar 9

It is so so amazing to see this Free Valve tech finally make it into a production vehicle... I remember writing about that stuff when he was developing it in that Saab wagon when I was in college lol, feels like ages ago. Christian’s name will undoubtedly go down in car geek history for all of his unbelievably complex Read more

Mar 7

Regardless if whether any of us agree or disagree with his opinion, Bubba is correct that this is a very poorly (non-existently) cited article. It reads as more of a rant or opinion piece. And throwing ad hominem insults about him (Bubba) and his choice of cars is lazy and a poor excuse for debate.

Dec 10

Read car salesman takes advantage of elderly person- now if they offered it for this price then no, but if they were looking for ‘offers’ and he swept in showed them a blue book value and paid it he deserves to be sentenced to a long period of searching for 10mm sockets in a field of poison ivy

Dec 3

Give Ford some slack, man. They’re a mid-stage startup. In their industry, they’re a pre-teen. They’re bound to have technical bugs and hiccups in fielding vehicles as they haven’t been building them in significant quantities for what, 5 years now. Sure, they had that silly sports car, a large sedan, and an odd Read more

Dec 2

Wow, I’m surprised at the interest in my lunch - a mix of dark and white turkey meat, provolone, bacon, some dark green ruffled lettuce (not sure the name of it, it’s what was left in the fridge) and deli mustard. Bread is Pepperidge Farm swirly rye. Leftover apple pie warmed in microwave. I made the pie. Best part of Read more

Dec 2

Here’s the fundamental difference between Mercedes and Ferrari, one Binotto needs to address in the off-season if he wants Ferrari to improve. It’s not going to be an easy change because this is inherently ingrained in Ferrari’s culture and part of it is due to being an Italian team that the Italians adore: Read more

Nov 27

Has Tesla ever revealed a vehicle for production and not released it? Even when people said stuff like Model X will never be released with the falcon doors (for better or for worse) it was. Read more

Nov 27

GUUUUUUH I’m so tired of answering this question. The sources are not hard to find if you look.

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