Sep 27 2018

Albert - I have gotten a lot of joy out of your work on this site. Your HitchBot takedown is to this day one of my favorite things I have ever read on the Internet, and your writing is a big part of how I got to be a passionate NBA fan. This piece is all true, and good, and like all of your work, well-written. Read more

Oct 9 2017

When I was a kid, I used to wonder, “What does ESPN stand for?” Read more

Oct 6 2017

The Browns should have responded with a picture of a plane hitting the world trade center.

Oct 4 2017

Hey, Cam, remember how you feel when people ask if a black QB can learn the intricacies of an NFL offense?

Jan 12 2017

I think they should get all of the Mikes they can. Mike Lupica, Mike Francesa, Mike Wise, Mike Wilbon, Mike Tyson. Just get them all in the same studio, and call the show What You Deserve For Listening to Sports Radio.

Sep 29 2016

God, it’s like if Trump knew enough about cyber to write a blog.

Jul 10 2016

Isn’t this the point of the game? Go to real-life locations, find some pokemon or trainer, fight them, and the winner gets the loser’s pokemon and wallet? I mean, that’s how I’ve been playing. I nailed an 8 year old in the knee with a tire iron for a sweet Jigglypuff and some pogs. Read more

Jul 8 2016

jia you could stay

May 4 2016

Jesus, dude this sucks, I normally like the What Would You Do? show because the scenario always involves actors and, like you said, it’s the bystanders who get to make the choices.

You didn’t have a say or any choice and that was wrong of them. Totally. I’m sorry you were blindsighted and embarrassed, I would be Read more