chubby ballerina
Sep 21

How in the hell did Jeremy Irons get an Outstanding Lead Actor nomination? Everyone knows they just secretly filmed his daily life

Sep 20

I was particularly happy that Watchmen and Succession did well. Those are two shows I utterly adored and was actually surprised how many nominations and wins they got. Read more

Sep 10

I am extremely on board for an E Street Band album of actual live in-studio performances. Extremely.

Aug 26

Why are we pretending that misogynists and abusers can’t be Democratic? What evidence at all do you have to suggest he’s some secret agent?

Aug 24

It never fails to amaze/disgust me that somehow Jeffree Star STILL EXISTS and makes a shit ton of money every day. What a garbage fucking human.

Aug 24

It makes me think there might be something far more serious going on behind the scenes.

Aug 2

Not everyone- I do not comment often but have been reading these sites for a long time - and I remember CA Pinkham’s time as being the worst time on this site. He was THE WORST - I commented on one of his Open Oven Door (can’t remember the exact name once) and got an extremely aggressive reply. Never commented again. Read more

Jul 31

Before we hear any of the greys talk about how this is ruining those Dems with the ramifications of Clinton.... Read more

Jul 29

My mother is an avid knitter and Ravelry user, and she put it the same way, that those who were banned were crazies who were more concerned with stirring up shit than actual knitting.

Jul 28

Aha - that’s what I suspected! I’ve found that anyone who says “But...but I wasn’t doing anything wrong! You PC types just made it all political”, 99% of the time, they were DEFINITELY doing something shitty and also they knew exactly what they were doing.

Jul 28

That’s because your wife is smart and makes things with yarn that people will actually wear and use.

Using cheap yarn is wasteful, using good yarn is smart.

But, no, the barriers to entry are very low - there’s an abundance of cheap yarn and cheap needles for beginners.

Jul 28

Every hobby is full of privileged white ding-dongs who will sob uncontrollably about how you’re making everything political when you tell them they’re being gross and making other people uncomfortable. Just to name some random weird things I am interested in and have joined Facebook groups for which I mostly wound up Read more

Jul 28

Don’t forget the thousands of knitters who donated ‘pussy hats’ for the Women’s March.