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The fanboys on Twitter are all shouting “STORM!” and I’m just sitting here thinking “Dora Milaje Soldier #2".

Loki also tries to convince her to see that he has their best interest at heart by establishing that he has some sort of romantic feelings for her with a kiss. Read more

Anyone who finds this relationship controversial can go fuck themselves

You must be really new with how Marvel chooses it’s directors.

It looks like he was just tired of running the show. The entire season was basically one long plan to put the two Lokis in the same room with him and try and get them to take over running things. If they killed him, then he’s still out and the war is another variant’s problem. He truly doesn’t want another multiversal Read more

When I saw them in... 2002? The crowd went nuts as the band started “Creep,” and Thom sighed audibly into the mic: “We like this song, don’t we.”

Not just you.  The design of the GMG pages gets worse and worse all the time.

Exactly, multiple female humans on top is how you end up with a broken dick

I said this somewhere else and I’ll say it again. The end of Marvel will come by the hands of overzealous Marvelites. Some guy started this on reddit and the thread just boomed with the stupid theories again, and how everything HAS to connect, that’s why they went back and blah, blah, blah. Jesus. And then you have Read more

Reddit: “There’s a human-shaped blob floating above the tree line! That’s either gotta be Vision, Mephisto or Doctor Strange!” Read more

I don’t want Jodie Whittaker to stay on longer if she doesn’t want to, but it would be nice to have her for more than three series.
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I gotta respectfully disagree with Villeneuve here. As much as we nerds (rightfully) esteem Dune as a hallowed story that’s worthy of all the hype... your moviegoer almost certainly does not. At best, they’ll just think “Isn’t that a remake of the desert movie with Sting in a metal codpiece?” and at worst, they simply Read more

Are you talking just movies?  Alfre Woodard played a bit character in Civil War and then Black Mariah in Luke Cage.  Also, Enver Gjokaj appears as a cop in The Avengers and then went on to play Daniel Sousa in Agent Carter. 

Stan Lee? :D

Also, I’m sure one of the Howling Commandos also played his character’s (great?) grandson in Homecoming.

Gemma Chan, although not before Yeoh in terms of playing two roles, was in Captain Marvel as one of the Kree, too.

I didn’t realize Michelle Yeoh is in Shang-Chi! So is she officially the first to play two different roles in the MCU? She also appeared in GotG Vol 2 as Aleta Ogord.

You just reminded me that seeing the first Quiet Place in a packed screening was one of the more unpleasant theatre-going experiences I’ve had. I guess I’m ok with people talking and getting excited during something like the Avengers, but it REALLY ruined this movie.