Sep 13 2017

One important thing? Be aware *before you buy* that Destiny 2 is doing the unholy trinity of revenue mechanisms: Box price, Microtransactions that (based on what I’ve heard) are not purely cosmetic, and DLC that must be purchased. Read more

Sep 7 2017

Its just a time delayed decline of the art form once people who solely want to sell it get a controlling share over the IP. Similar to movies/music/TV and now games. Hollywood totally tanked this year as a culmination of overblown budgets, overpaid actors, suits who want to “reduce risk” that force people to pump out Read more

Sep 4 2017

They already had a good successor, having Short Round evolve to take Indy’s position would have been nice development that would made him more thean a rather unfortunate Asian comedic sidekick.

Jun 13 2017

It can’t work with large scale user mods. Modders come and go all the time, so support would fall entirely on Bethesda every time the base game is updated and breaks compatibility. Are they really up for that? And the majority of modders do this for fun, not for profit, so will refuse to charge anyway. This is

May 26 2017

And ofc a bunch of fucking manchild babies are crying about “racism against whites” and “white genocide” and how Christians are under assault and all that fucking bullshit. Read more

May 24 2017

“They don’t let me have sharp swords anymore, said I was too dangerous to myself. This is just painted wood.”