Jun 26 2018

So much this - even “good” dealerships get a little confused when I tell them right up front I don’t care what the payment is (and I don’t). At all. I can make 1 payment or I can make 72, the bottom line price is all I care about, and if you can beat my bank’s financing rate go right ahead. With BMW and VW I have done Read more

Mar 22 2018

Everyone cherry picks what they want to progress their agenda. Hell even you the author decided that your own personal scientific models of future projection are superior to the ones the car companies decided are better. This just shows your progressive beliefs being pushed on others. Don’t claim “It’s science” when Read more

Mar 22 2018

So are we going with “Basic Science” to describe the erroneous data that seems to be constantly popping up and artificially corroborating the scientists who believe in absolute AGW, or are you going with “Basic Propaganda” in the NYT (they would NEVER mislead, sir, NEVER) to tell us that the erroneous data was being Read more

Jan 24 2018

shot looks like he’s drunkenly trying to hi-five another really drunk guy

Aug 31 2017

I watched his “response from snapchat” and didn’t understand a word he said. I do hope he gets his contract sorted out.