Chris Leonardi
Feb 2

one of the worse ones IMO. It’s basically a single player MMO. gameplay consists mostly of long treks over generic landscapes between plot points. battle is MMO-style-auto-attacking using if-then scripts for special abilities. it’s boring. they literally designed it to work with no input from the player. story is Read more

Nov 13

How do you downvote on this site again..   You’re a real class act..

Jun 26

Used to be how it was, but now they have a special mode called “Party Royale with a special island, no eliminations, paintguns, boats and ATVs in unlimited supply to just basically mess around with.  They have two venues, one for music and one for movies and lots of little minigames that you can find hidden throughout Read more

Jun 12

They should hold the convention at Stupid Nick’s Wing Dump.

Apr 23

Kazushige Nojima is the scenario writer here and one of the script writers as well. You might know him from one of his other works where he was scenario designer and writer: Final Fantasy VII.

You might also know Tetsuya Nomura from another work he was a writer(and character designer) on called Final Fantasy VII.

You Read more

Jan 27 2020

This being 76 we’re going to find out in a week that the clone has AIDS.

Nov 11 2019

Yeah, that's a hard pass from me. Owning digital games is already nebulous in how much I actually own them. Buying a game without a disc, files or ability to use without an internet connection seems like a raw deal to me. Especially when Game Pass exists and does everything Stadia does but better. 

Sep 13 2019

RIGHT. RE5 NAILED co-op Resident Evil on the head. Sure the game was more action then anything, but the co-op was great, the camera positioning was perfect and it just worked so well. Same with Mercenaries. RE6 honestly IMO f’d it up with changing the weapon selection method and the camera angle trying to make it look Read more

Jul 25 2019

It’s time for some vulgarity. I’m done playing nice and pretending that there’s any middle ground here. At least six kids have died in U.S. custody in the past year from torture and neglect at U.S. concentration camps. No kids died in immigration custody in the decade before that. And now American kids are being Read more

Feb 7 2019

Never thought I could possibly side with Woody Allen. But he has a point. There was nothing new in the allegations and movies about fucking teens has always been prominent among the six types of films he made. Read more

Feb 7 2019

It’s a solid - if distasteful - legal position. Nobody can say they didn’t know all the history already, nevertheless Amazon’s legal dept signed off on this deal.

Feb 7 2019

“...that allegation was already well known to Amazon (and the public) before Amazon entered into four separate deals with Mr. Allen...” Read more

Feb 6 2019

The Vita Uncharted was 25% pretty ok uncharted game and 75% tech demo. I remember a part where the game wanted me to gather light for a map and the camera was just not taking any light I aimed it at.

Feb 6 2019

The problem with the Vita, aside from Sony forgetting it existed a week after it came out, like you mentionned, was due to a multiple of things. The whole Vita saga often sounds like a list of “thing to not do when launching a videogame console”. Read more