Christopher Buecheler
Jul 13

Star Wars fans are like the Three Bears, except thare are only two of them and they endlessly shouting “too similar,” “too different,” at each other for eternity.

Jul 13

Fans: We’re ready to leave all this Skywalker/Palpatine/Clone Wars/Empire/Rebellion stuff behind for something fresh and new. Read more

Jul 2

Really? Abby’s the one that kicks off this mess when she decides to club Joel to death after he and his brother SAVE HER LIFE? After Owen’s like ‘yoouuuu know what maybe this isn’t a good idea. They got a lot of people, my girl’s pregnant, I want him dead but maybe not at the potential cost of all the lives we care Read more

Jun 7

Alien’ was about going to the far side of the galaxy and stumbling on something that was none of our business. ‘Prometheus’ turned that all on its head. It became all about us. A dead alien space ship on the far side of the galaxy and somehow the backstory was all about us. It wouldn’t have been a more disappointing Read more

May 27

I don’t think she voted for Trump at all, and it dangerous to automatically equate racism with political affiliation. I also think that she honestly, truly believes she isn’t racist. She is of course - but I’m sure she’s the typical example of a white person who votes for the right people, “has black friends” yet Read more

May 26

You write “oh-so-perfect” to mock our natural systems that have kept us alive against innumerable diseases over thousands of years. Read more

May 26

I’ve never bought a rental, but every time I’ve bought a car I’ve gone into it with the mindset that I’m going to keep it until it’s no longer mechanically sound. So by the time I’m ready to get rid of a car, I’m not expecting much for sale/trade-in. But if you’re someone who likes to switch it up every few years, Read more

Apr 27 2020

Uh oh, I hope I don’t get spoiled. I would hate to learn in advance that humans are the REAL monsters.

Dec 17 2019

Fair, and in all honesty I messed up responding to you instead of just a comment in general. I have no idea if RoS is good or if it’s better than TLJ, haven’t seen it. I do know that they could have probably sorted this out a little better on the Disney side of things when they started this whole “new trilogy” and I Read more

Oct 31 2019

Yikes. Well I’m a Progressive that support all unions. I guess my initial comment was too vague.

Oct 30 2019

It’s been a huge pleasure being less funny than all of you for almost fourteen years now. In conclusion: go fuck yourselves, one and all.

Oct 30 2019

Waited until the final second, then nailed the 55 yarder. Well played.