And maybe it was an honest mistake? and is she made because she was a maid? My dad would call me by brothers name a lot, and we looked nothing alike.  Read more

He and his lawyer, Gabriel Colwell, urged Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón to rethink his decision and charge his attacker Isaiah Lee with a felony.
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Gascon turning level-headed Democrats into Republicans right before your eyes. Read more

I thought calling someone a “knuckle dragger” was comparing them to a caveman, since I’ve seen plenty of white people called that. Read more

True, but if your response to “I’m allergic to corn, is there any of that in this?” is “Can’t tell you! It’s an ancient Chinese secret”, then you are an asshole. Read more

Being that cannabis is both a “downer” and an anti-emetic, these were both almost certainly anxiety driven reactions or due to mixing with alcohol...people were suddenly high (also likely drinking to varying degrees) and panicked because they didn’t know WTF happened. Read more

Considering marijuana is detectable something like a month after ingestion, this stunt could have cost people their jobs if they’re in a business that does regular drug testing Read more

I mean, you should never put intoxicants in food without informing people, but if someone is allergic to something, isn't it THEIR responsibility to ask if that something is in the food? "What's the recipe?" is very different from "does this contain eggs?" Read more

From what I read, a lot of people were puking their guts out, or afraid they were dying of a heart attack. Read more

yeah, spiking a meal with thc is NOT the same as putting a “secret” spice in your deviled eggs. Read more

I mean, I sometimes have “secret ingredients” - meaning something you might not expect - in things, but I always disclose common allergens (e.g. these cookies have dairy, egg, coconut and pecans in them) and I would gladly spell out a list of ingredients if needed, secrecy be damned. Besides which half the time the Read more

Sure, but if someone has an egg allergy you probably know this about them and aren’t baking them a cake. If allergens are a major issue (I’m allergic to shellfish) some part of vigilance lies on the person eating it, since ambiguous things like “sauce” aren’t always going to come with their ingredients list fully Read more

I always figured “secret ingredient” meant like you were putting mayonnaise in your cake, putting fish sauce in barbecue sauce, or coating your chicken in milk powder before you grill it for better browning. Read more

DeSantis doesn’t care.  It’s the posturing that matters to him and the stupid people he is courting.  I hope he is over-reaching and this hurts him, but it seems that there is no such thing as over reaching to the GOP base these days. Read more

Most conservative people I know personally (not what we see on Fox News) are good, well-intentioned people Read more

I hear you, but I disagree. Modern Conservatism has become a parody of a political party, and its followers’ sole purpose seems to just be trolling people online and getting mad about headlines. I mean, look who they nominate for political office. It’s hard to portray modern Conservatism in any way that doesn’t come Read more

Mazepin talks as he races: There's a ton of spin and then in the end he misses the point. Read more

Except [it seemed to me, I’ve only watched once] the first person she pushed in was a waitstaff? Dressed in all black and carrying a couple of drinks? Read more

Hate to say it but it’s because a lot of pop culture tv writers don’t have the proper framing or cultural knowledge to draw from, to fully explore the themes of this uniquely black and nerdy show. Glover is a blerd (I say as a blerd myself), a lot of his weird nerd shit really hits with my white nerd friends, but Read more