Oct 31 2016

The white hair, eye makeup, and lightning bolt earings reminded me of Storm, so what’s really the reason to get angry here? Famous person dresses up for Halloween and it isn’t a perfect depiction of a fictional character, so she needs to be taken down a peg?

Oct 31 2016

Costume looks cool. Maybe it’s time to remember that Halloween is about having fun for the night, not getting pedantic about the proper interpretation of a comic book character.

Oct 22 2016

As you noted, they were Presidents of Congress, as in they presided over the legislative process in creating the laws. The President of the United States came in under the Constitution by creating a position of Chief Executive: the one who enforces the laws created by legislators.

Oct 21 2016

Meanwhile my 2 year old gets hours and hours of screen time per day. She’s known her alphabet for almost a year now, can count to 30, is almost potty trained, and extremely independent and articulate. She’s interested in robotics and really wants to play with my 3d printer too. Screen time was a catalyst for all of Read more

Oct 12 2016

I stan the fuck out of Bucky, but Black Panther was so fucking cool that I didn’t mind him repeatedly kicking the shit out of my boy.

Oct 11 2016

Yes, the well known and totally successful ‘stabilisation’ of Afghan. Also I’d like a citation on the lives lost. Only lives I can tell who were lost were those civilians mowed down by the biggest terrorists on the planet. The US army.

Oct 9 2016

Back when Giuliani was running his kids refused to endorse him or show up for him. His daughter is publicly working for Clinton. Kids can stand on their own principles.

Oct 8 2016

If you don’t want your daughter to hear the word “pussy” maybe don’t let her watch the segment where you’re defending Donald Trump bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. That’s like going on Twitter on a Sunday night and complaining about Game of Thrones spoilers.

Oct 8 2016

Typical left-wing pinko liberal media bias tactics #101: quote people accurately.

Oct 6 2016

Sorry, but Hillary has spoken about climate change, criminal justice reform, the gap between the rich and poor, access to healthcare and reproductive rights for women, etc. If these aren’t real issues, then I’ve got a ski slope in North Dakota to sell you.

Oct 3 2016

You’re probably lucky enough to be the biggest asshole you know, so you likely don’t have to worry about someone (like yourself) calling you a liar after experiencing a significantly traumatic event. How fortunate for you.