We’ve had 26 million people file for unemployment in less than 6 weeks. We can create all the supply we want, but if demand is nonexistent, it won’t matter. Nobody is buying a new car immediately after filing for unemployment.* Read more

Unless our (not socialist in name only) government starts handing out $35,000 stimulus checks I can’t see how producing more cars is going to help sell cars. Read more

How many of these pursuits involve stolen vehicles where knowing the make/model/plate doesnt’t provide reliable information as to who is driving the car? What if the police department doesn’t have access to a helicopter to follow the vehicle? What’s to say that not pursuing the kind of people that would even flee from Read more

“Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy"... Well... Not everything apparently :) Read more

(the damn thing can only go 84 mph anyway),
Read more

I don’t need my represntatives to be physically present in a stuffy chamber to meet a haughty decorum. I need them to get shit done. If they can pass laws lying in bed FUCKING GREAT! Read more

Mazda making it harder and harder to say no to a Miata as my 30th birthday present. Read more

Is Sony guaranteeing their rechargeable battery capacity will NEVER diminish over time? Is the battery easily replaceable, if at all? Will Sony to make replacement batteries? Is there the usual battery rhetoric (damage, fire, castration, etc) about 3rd party accessories (like some unknown brand like Sonee) Read more

The answer and its going to SHOCK YOU... options! Which is why Microsoft is ahead on the controller front. It provides the option. I love both current generation controllers and I expect the same from the next (we’re approaching the optimal controller singularity where they’re basically the same) but the option of Read more

Microsoft is masquerading their cost saving choice under the guise of liberation. Just include the xbox branded rechargable battery back and let people use that or their own AA batteries. Read more

And another idea. How about a virtual garage crawl? Each person sends 5 photos to you guys to register. You pick the most interesting and then that person hosts a video garage crawl showing off their cool stuff and obscure cars. Read more

He repeatedly tries to flee. They should have tazed him.  Read more

Why was this shithead not hauled out of the car and cuffed after the 2nd wreck? Read more

Add this video in! Surveillance footage of the actual crash. Looks like he hit some uneven surface (aka, an NYC street) at a completely inappropriate speed, and then that was it. 

What a fucking jackass. Shitbags like this should lose their licence, have their cars crushed, be fined heavily, and do time, in whatever order you please. Read more

Nah, just the beatdown. No hospital for a fucknugget like this guy, not right now.  Read more

Okay let's just not have the doctors help this person ever for the rest of their life. You go crashing cars in the middle of a pandemic potentially causing injury and sending more people to the hospital and not only that but you crash into a bunch of cars in front of a temporary hospital. I think at that point you Read more

A beat down with wooden batons and then a couple day stay in a NYC Hospital would be appropriate and warranted Read more

It’s piston engine planes that use them. Think small Cessnas. Not exactly what the rich and powerful are flying on.  Read more

Everything about this is surreal and ridiculous. The future is so much more mundane than the 50s would have had us believe. lol Just the fact that NASCAR is running the races virtually is astounding. But then for a driver to get dropped by a real-world sponsor because he ragequit the game? Satire can’t even keep up Read more