6/09/21 3:41PM

At least your only option is not named Kum and Go! 

6/03/21 6:31PM

As a native Texan, the only people who can claim to be a “Proud” Texan are some kind of piece of shit or another. There ain’t nothing going on here to be proud of right now.

5/28/21 7:53PM

Hudson Hawk is so much better than it has any right to be.

5/24/21 2:53PM

Oh fuck right off with that bullshit. It was a steaming pile of mediocrity and greed, everyone knew it, but parents are always gonna need stuff to get their kids to shut up for two hours, so it’s hard to fail with family crap. Read more

5/22/21 2:48PM

Bunch of beefy dudes in the toy section who have given their parents nothing but heartache and disappointment? Check.

5/18/21 12:00PM

Joe Rogan is the patron saint of dudes who are not nearly as smart as they think they are.

5/18/21 11:32AM

That’s a bullshit statement.

They also care about making sure brown people are second class citizens.

5/17/21 3:30PM

Let us never forget that Fallon was the first mainstream host to book Trump in 2016, playfully tousled his hair, and treated him like something other than a bad punchline to a joke nobody wanted to hear.  While I know he’s expressed regrets at helping legitimize the candidacy, a lot of other people regret that he did Read more

5/17/21 1:01PM

Not once in this whole article was there mention of him toussling Trump's hair. What site am I reading? 

5/16/21 9:19AM

The utter irrelevance of SNL in sketch comedy since the rise of MADtv and Chappelle’s Show and (amusingly) Key&Peele is never more on display than when they’re exposed for what they are by having a host who’s obviously slumming it by sinking to the level of a bush-league once-great-but-long-obsolete show like SNL. Read more

5/13/21 5:55PM

Knives Out was badly written? You really want to criticize someone else's writing?