May 30 2018

I have loved Legion...until the last 2 episodes. Maybe 3. “Spinning it’s wheels” is an understatement and I’ve been So. Bored. for weeks. I wish they’d get on with it already.

May 3 2018

I despise my iPhone X. I hate faceID. I hate that I have to pick my head up off the pillow if I’m laying on my side. I hate that I can’t just look down at it to unlock it, I have to lift it as though I’m taking a picture. I hate the way you close apps. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the way the screen dims when it’s charging Read more

Apr 9 2018

I think it looks much better with the center grill section painted and the bowtie raised a bit... looks like lots of collision shops will be getting work painting those things, like they did with Acura beaks.

Feb 15 2017

My biggest gripe is how the videos become BIGGER when I want to pause them by clicking on them on desktop. Any options to prevent this?

Sep 30 2016

Hollywood’s version of the Old West wasn’t referring to where filming occurs, but rather the largely standardized way that the Old West has been portrayed in Hollywood movies.

Sep 30 2016

Honest question for anyone to answer if they have useful input: Where was/is Westworld (the TV series, this one) filmed? Because IMDb suggests it’s all in California including the Paramount Ranch which audiences will probably recognize from how it has been used in filming over and over and over. And I’m not giving the Read more

Jun 29 2016

Nope, there is never a proper use for vertical filming.

Jan 9 2016

I hate to ask Tim, but any chance you can get me out of the grays? I worked pretty hard at commenting here a while back (had a few highly starred posts), but eventually sorta gave up, because I mostly comment on the weekend and no one seems to notice. Thanks!

Dec 22 2015

Interesting, but the headline is misleading. Lego blocks are only a fraction of the parts he uses to create dimensionality.

Oct 30 2015

Almost certain Threepio winds up either infiltrating or otherwise in the custody of the First Order. The red arm business fits their iconography. (One wonders if Kylo Ren realizes Threepio’s proper provenance...)

Aug 21 2015

It had help - lots of help. Namely to large ropes that pulled on it while it was in high thrust to pivot it into position using the dock as a fulcrum. See image then watch video again (zoom in if you can - but you really don’t need to):

Aug 12 2015

Ya know...the more I think about it, the more the cross-hilt is not that bad of an idea. It’s silly, yes, but not the worst concept. Read more