*also have a specific set...gdi Read more

I don’t think it’s acquiescing at all: white nationalism falls under both racist and white supremacist ideology. It’s a specific set of beliefs and core issues (another example: Neo Confederates, who are also racists and white supremacists, also has a specific set of core issues). Read more

Why are we acquiescing to these assholes by calling them “white nationalists”? They are white supremacists, full stop. They wrap their message up in slightly softer language than the klan but in the end, they are supremacists. If they truly believed their drivel about making a safe space for the lily white babies, Read more

Yeaaahhhh cults! Loved the film, since day one. Thank you & to Lexi Alexander for the great article.  Read more

I think my favorite example of that behavior is when Frank very casually shotgunned the goon in the face while he’s being read his Miranda rights.

Oh, and Frank’s holding a child at the time. Read more

In the meantime, unbeknownst to her, negotiations had continued with West Read more

She strung him along while still negotiating and even scheduling for her first choice. Talk about unprofessional. Besides, looking at both their IMDBs, it’s pretty clear who needs to be worried about getting work. Read more

I remember seeing this in theatres with a group of friends and all of us finding it very entertaining. Read more

Paddy Consindine sounds ridiculously unprofessional.  I don’t care how ticked off you are that something fell through or how much you didn’t like one of their films.  One day, they may be sitting across the table from you again and they’re going to remember if you publicly trashed their work and not hire you on that Read more

It really is a great action movie. It left behind the sappiness of the Thomas Jane Punisher and went full Hard R. Even though the Punisher is the “hero” he actually does some very unheroic things in this movie that give it a nuanced look at ‘What is good?’ and ‘What is bad?’ and is more in keeping with the original Read more

Good article. I’ve never been a fan of the movie personally — ironically, like The Incredible Hulk coming off its predecessor, I think it course-corrected too far in the “just make this as loud as possible” direction — but as Ebert said in his review, there is admiration to be had on the technical level. It reminded Read more

It did win the Academy Award for Best Movie Ever Made. Read more

Adults in the 80's were not much better, there was just coke and whores and conspicuous spending everywhere
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