how is it crowded? The Winter Soldier had 4 main characters, and that was supposed to be about Captain America. Read more

This list just shows why you are my favorite writer here. Very good tastes sir. It's also very awesome to see some Miku love on one of these lists on a major site.

Woah. Fahey. This list makes me so happy. Runner 2, Disgaea, LoZ:LBW, Rayman, Mario, and FF14 would also take up valuable, valuable game space on my list as well. Project Diva F however, would get its own special list. Its no longer a game so it can't be included on the top game list. Read more

Spoilers: this week is PS4 launch week, so there will be a shitload of Sony coverage. Read more

Won't somebody please think of the children?

Um, because kids will see skimpier thongs in the beach? Read more

No offense Jason, you are a very cool guy but I think you are being over dramatic about it. Read more

I'm a big fan of the current trend of victim shifting. Forget the mistreated transgendered individual, will someone please think of the intolerant people?! Read more

Let me guess, you're the real victim of discrimination? Read more

It's unfortunate you had to make a wage crack to justify your love of shitty animu games. Read more

Okay, everyone forgets something major about the season 1 finale. It was going to be a big two-hour affair with a huge FX sequence of cars and stuff flying around as Sylar battled the others. But NBC wouldn't give them the time or money they wanted so they had to cut it down. Read more