Dec 9 2019

“I hit stupid orange cones all the time, ON PURPOSE, because, like Elon, I realize they serve no useful purpose except to hold back a multitide ofimbeciles like you, sitting in your cars, slaves to one stupid little orange cone.” Read more

May 24 2019

Thanks! I like to take the time to do these things right, so I appreciate it when someone notices.

May 18 2019

Y’know, most days the Internet just makes me sad, but then someone like you comes along and redeems the it by showing that it can really be a source of knowledge and good. Declan Hackett wins the Internet!

May 18 2019

The early Renaults like the 1900 model you show used a thermosiphonic cooling system; there’s no water pump. Instead, the temperature difference between the hot water in the block and the cold water in the exposed radiator creates enough circulation by convection to transfer the heat. Read more

Mar 7 2019

Watt is going through this guy’s head? This sort of thing really gets me amped up.

Jan 25 2019

If the house has been on the market for a while for $1.7 million, and it hasn’t sold, it’s not a $1.7 million house.

Jan 4 2019

FYI, if Lego is your thing, they’ve decided to go all out this year with Dakar sets. The highlight is obviously the Speed Champions Minis:

Oct 4 2018

No, but you can get the same experience by hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

Sep 28 2018

Perhaps not the preferred nomenclature, but they peed on his rug, dude.

Sep 14 2018

But it has the debilitating side effect of making people on it never fucking shut up about the keto diet.

Jul 8 2018

The whole incident is obviously a total nightmare and no one is ignoring the tragic death of Saman Gunan. But the extraction phase of the operation is going well relative to how bad it could have gone down. It is a testament to rescue team’s hard work and dedication under unimaginable circumstances that as of right Read more

Jun 21 2018

I wouldn’t call an off-handed joke a “rabid anti-tesla rant”, but I guess if you’re hyper-sensitive you could perceive it as such.

May 25 2018

All I can see is XJS... but one in the image has lights on and moving... so it can’t be

Apr 11 2018

They’re actually looking through his crotch, at his wallet in his back pocket. Like Superman, except hoes. I believe the prophet Soulja Boy wrote of this 

Feb 22 2018

How can we, the mere common clay of humanity, possibly laugh at the evolved superbeings intelligent enough to really “get” Rick & Morty to the point in which they spend thousands on 15 cents worth of subpar sauce? Read more