Btw - one of the members of the Bennu mission is Sir Brian May CBE, astro-physicist and legendary guitarist, singer and rocker of equally legendary band Queen. Read more

Great. Clarence and Ginny Thomas are doing the same thing that Menendez and his wife just got arrested for with the added crime of insurrection. Read more

Sounds perfect for the 23 year old in 2023. Have you met a modern gen z adult? They don’t exactly look like they just clocked out from the coal mine. One minor benefit of all that child labor and tobacco regulation we put in place that republicans are trying to dismantle.
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Its tragic because abortion bans are a fucking atrocity to rule of law. Read more

Next, they’re coming after my triangles, aren’t they?
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Have gone? - Me thinks you give them to much credit! Read more

It is already planned. It is, as you would suspect, very intricate. Read more

Netflix proud to announce it has greenlit the Torment Nexus from the streaming hit “Please Don’t Create The Torment Nexus”
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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  If they want people to be in fear for their lives at private places, I hope these reich-wing misogynists and their ilk get their home addresses published and people decide to ‘protest’ there with the same tactics used at clinics.   Read more

Conservatives aren’t interested in the basics of humanity like empathy and compassion. Read more

That’s where I fall on almost everything now. People keep doing reprehensible crap because by and large, the victims rely on the mechanisms of society to protect them and the mechanisms of society are absolutely broken. You scalp a couple of these anti-abortion scuds and nail the pelts to a church door, and suddenly Read more

Couldn’t this constitute under the Stand Your Ground law? Read more

Those people convicted of forcibly and violently invading a clinic to impose their religious will on others (terrorism) should have been met with a crow bar to the face. But I’d take 11 years in prison for each of them as a substitute. Read more

Amazing that an instructor who relies on scared people to pay his salary would spread stories of how scary and dangerous the world is. Read more

gangs flash their brights at people and commit violence as part of gang initiation Read more

This smells like one of those “it happened to one lady in a random PA town so that local police department is warning everyone nationwide...” type of things, like the whole “gangs flash their brights at people and commit violence as part of gang initiation” thing that was going around the internet for a long time.

Some Read more