Aug 18 2018

Solid tip, I always wake early and get in a workout whilst my wife follows your lead. So, any tips for how to neutralize screaming, running little hellions that have to race to the elevator button while mommy shushes them? 

Feb 27 2015

It was a glorious summer day in drawing class so we all went out to the historical cemetery on campus to sketch. I was wearing a red sundress and I decided that I really wanted to get the attention of this one guy I'd been checking out all term. Read more

Sep 20 2014

My favorite Russian cheese is a nice Tsarmigiano-Romanov blend. Unfortunately, they don't make it any more.

Aug 17 2014

We found an abandoned kitten years ago and my dog nursed her until she was old enough to eat hard food. For years, the dog would baby the cat and bathe her. It was so sweet.

Aug 13 2014

yay! i'll happily go back to being ignored in the greys if it means no more terrible gifs everywhere :D